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The goal of this Continuous Learning Module is to immerse managers in dialogue-based situations that foster learning by doing where they make key decisions that drive the dialogue and ensuing results. The module helps managers identify and adjust thought patterns before approaching the difficult conversations that arise in business. The module provides firsthand experiences in a safe environment and gives managers the opportunity to use interactive tools and apply follow-up action plans. Students will be able to:
  • Understand that avoiding difficult conversations or mishandling them often results in the suppression of critical information and leads to bad business decisions.
  • Discover how people use "mental models" to make sense of the world and how these models influence how people select and interpret information and reach conclusions.
  • Identify five non-productive thinking habits, and shift toward five alternatives for productive thinking.
  • Provide effective interventions for employees not meeting professional standards.
  • Improve cooperation and collaboration among work groups, departments, and the executive team.
  • Head off and diminish conflicts that can negatively impact the bottom line.
  • Objectives
    Target Attendees
    All DoD acquisition workforce members
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
    None None None None
    Course Length
    Approximately 3 hours to complete
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Continuous Learning
    Equivalent Courses None
    ACE Recommended Credits N/A
    PDS Code ZTL
    DAU Public (material/prework) N/A
    Continuing Education Units   0
    Continuous Learning Points  3
    Reservist Retirement Points  1
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  • Enrollment in the Harvard Business School (HBS) CL modules is restricted to Federal Employees only.
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  • You have 60 days to complete this course.
  • This course contains an end of module test that must be passed with a 100% score.
  • After passing your exam, please be sure to complete the required Module Survey from the Table of Contents. You will not be graduated from the module until you have completed the Survey. If you experience any difficulty in completing the Survey, please contact the DAU Help Desk to ensure that you receive proper credit.