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This course is a technically rigorous, comprehensive introduction to Systems Engineering and the various Technical Management and Technical Processes involved in its application. Based around the Systems Engineering processes outlined in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), this course provides the essential foundations needed for systems engineers and others to effectively participate in the application and the management of DoD Systems Engineering processes and their related activities.
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Target Attendees
Systems Engineer in the acquisition workforce. This course is also suitable for acquisition personnel in technical and program management positions who want to understand more about systems engineering processes.
  • ACQ 101, Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  • Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
    SYS 101 Fundamentals of Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering JOI 01-Oct-2016
    Course Length
    Approximately 35 hours to complete
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Distance Learning
    Equivalent Courses None
    ACE Recommended Credits YES
    PDS Code ZYH
    DAU Public (material/prework) YES
    Continuing Education Units   3.5
    Continuous Learning Points  35
    Reservist Retirement Points  9
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  • You have 60 calendar days to complete this course.
  • All exams in the module must be passed with a 100% score.