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This course provides students with concepts and tools in Cost Monitoring, enabling them to successfully fulfill their day-to-day tasks and duties within Cost Monitoring responsibilities ensuring the government is paying fair and reasonable prices for supplier’s products/services.
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Target Attendees
Contracting Personnel and Technical Personnel performing Cost Monitoring Functions at the Journeyman level.

CMC 130, Introduction to Indirect Cost Rates
Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
None None None None
Course Length
4 classroom days
Additional Course Information
Delivery Mode Resident
Equivalent Courses None
ACE Recommended Credits YES
PDS Code ZY3
DAU Public (material/prework) YES
Continuing Education Units   2.2
Continuous Learning Points  22
Reservist Retirement Points  0
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Completing CON 320 prior to registering for this course is recommended.