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The Defense Acquisition University has developed a 3 day workshop for The 448th Supply Chain Management Wing on Supply Chain Management (SCM). The purpose of the workshop is to provide specific functional area training to meet SCM mission needs.
Day 1
  • Supply Chain Fundamentals (Planning) – A three hour session on how to develop a moderate understanding of supply chain strategies for implementation within federal government operations and DoD specifically IAW SCOR, Supply Chain Operations Reference Model.
  • Identify and contrast best practices across DoD for forecast modeling to include measurements to assess goal achievement in areas of accuracy, lead-time reduction, cost effectiveness.
  • Strategic Sourcing – A three hour session on the strategic sourcing certification program to give students a broad understanding of tactical and strategic sourcing, and the appropriate uses of each. Discuss tools and processes to identify and pursue strategic acquisitions that will lower pipeline requirements and create financial efficiencies in the out years. Carefully manage commodity contract portfolios to consistently deliver and improve upon negotiated best values from strategy development through contract administration. Identify and explain strategic sourcing avenues to maximize forecast in relation to quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.
  • Counterfeit Parts in the Supply Chain – a two hour session providing a review of the terminology and its basic definitions used in both industry and DoD to discuss, document, and report counterfeit information. What types of technology and products are at risk for counterfeiting?
  • I. Terminology Associated with Counterfeit Materiel
  • II. Products at Risk for Counterfeiting
  • III. How Counterfeit Materiel Enters the DoD Supply Chain
    Day 2
  • Demand Forecast Accuracy – A four hour session to compare and contrast forecasting models and automated planning systems as well as techniques. Discuss information technologies available to track, manage and trigger troubleshooting for stock level trends.
  • Administrative and Production Lead Time – A four hour session to develop familiarity with roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders in procurement process both inside DoD and external customers. Explore how supply chain requirements drive organic and supplier capacity planning activities and downstream supply chain decision, explain and demonstrate Performance Based Logistics and Strategic Sourcing initiatives to increase forecast accuracy and reduce lead times.
    Day 3
  • Inventory Management – a two hour session that defines roles associated with inventory management in government operations subject to uncertain budgets and demand triggers.
  • Identify key cost drivers and potential uncertainties associated with over/under estimation in execution year and long term impacts to future budgets and mission capable rates.
  • Identify risk mitigation techniques for managing high/low demand rates in supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Management Professional – A one hour session on how to demonstrate proficiency of processes from requisition to delivery of part based on scenario driven exercise. As well as the ability to identify, source and provide status of key mission drivers through gated processes and milestones to the customer.
  • Better Buying Power 3.0 – A one hour session on the implementation of best practices to strengthen the Defense Department's buying power, improve industry productivity, and provide an affordable, value-added military capability to the Warfighter. Launched in 2010, BBP encompasses a set of fundamental acquisition principles to achieve greater efficiencies through affordability, cost control, elimination of unproductive processes and bureaucracy, and promotion of competition. BBP initiatives also incentivize productivity and innovation in industry and Government, and improve tradecraft in the acquisition of services.
  • Target Attendees
    Supply Chain Management Practitioners
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    3 days
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