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The workshop introduces several methods to help guide the implementation of cybersecurity decisions such as Confidential, Integrity, Architecture, Authentication, Non-Repudiation, as well as reinforce the importance of balancing People, Process and Technology which is so critical to the cybersecurity risk management equation. Participants will be exposed to a solid foundation of cybersecurity “know how” and will also test their knowledge by applying what they learned. The case studies used in the workshop will gave participants ample time to work among separate teams to answer cybersecurity risk management questions similar to the ones that acquisition professionals will likely face in their respective workplaces.
  • • Define Cybersecurity (Acquisition issues of cybersecurity)
  • • Understand the workforce role regarding the acquisition of cybersecurity capabilities
  • • Understand the different cybersecurity threats to DoD systems and their impact throughout the acquisition lifecycle
  • • Recognize the importance of fully integrating cybersecurity into programs early and throughout the systems lifecycle
  • • Apply risk management for cybersecurity throughout the system's lifecycle
  • • Identify the underlying guidance and policies associated with cybersecurity within the DoD
  • • Identify cybersecurity issues associated with acquisition trade-space
  • Target Attendees
    The acquisition workforce, including vendors and support contractors who design, build, procure, maintain, and provision cybersecurity capabilities.
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    Course Length
    Varies depending upon the number of topics to be addressed; typically 2 days
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    Delivery Mode Workshop
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