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This course picks up from the fundamentals and applications courses by emphasizing the application of processes, techniques, and estimate interpretation throughout the development of a Life Cycle Cost Estimate. The course addresses a more advanced level of estimate definition and planning, data collection, data normalization, formulation techniques, review, presentation, and documentation. More advanced parametric, analogy, expert opinion, non-parametric analysis, and cost improvement curves cost estimating techniques are described and practiced. Computations are done using spreadsheets and automated cost estimating tools.
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Target Attendees
Mid-level Cost Estimators
  • BCF 110, Fundamentals of Business Financial Management
  • BCF 131, Applied Cost Analysis
  • EVM 101, Fundamentals of Earned Value Management
  • BUS-CE Level I Certification
  • 3 years experience in acquisition Cost Estimating
  • Competence with Microsoft Excel
  • Competence in Algebra

  • BCF 206, Cost Risk Analysis
  • BCF 220, Acquisition Business Management Concepts
  • BCF 225, Acquisition Business Management Concepts Application
  • CLB 026, Forecasting Techniques
  • CLB 030, Data Collection and Sources
  • CLB 035, Statistical Analysis, CLB 038, Comparative Analysis
  • CLB 042, Cost Risk and Uncertaingy Analysis
  • CLE 035, Introduction to Probability and Statistics

    **Competence in probability and statisticl is essential**
  • Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
    BCE 204 Intermediate Cost Analysis Q2B 01-Oct-2018
    BCF 204 Intermediate Cost Analysis Q2B 01-Oct-2018
    Course Length
    9.5 class days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Resident
    Equivalent Courses None
    ACE Recommended Credits YES
    PDS Code ZZA
    DAU Public (material/prework) YES
    Continuing Education Units   6.5
    Continuous Learning Points  65
    Reservist Retirement Points  0
    Historical Allocations Mouse Over for Past CEU/CLPs
  • Participants must provide and be familiar with a scientific calculator.