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Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems provides a comprehensive overview and introduction to incorporating the principles of systems engineering throughout the system life cycle to design, develop, produce, and sustain operationally reliable, supportable, and effective systems. It is based on the Office of the Secretary of Defense guidance, “Designing and Assessing Supportability in DoD Weapon Systems: A Guide to Increased Reliability and Reduced Logistics Footprint” (published Oct. 24, 2003). The module emphasizes the essential link between overall weapon system operational effectiveness and product support performance. It introduces the system operational effectiveness model and process. It demonstrates how consistent application of the system operational effectiveness process, during all phases of the acquisition life cycle, facilitates the optimization of system supportability and operational effectiveness.
Target Attendees
This module is required for certification in the SPRDE-SE career field/path at Level III.
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Course Length
Approximately 3 hours to complete
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Delivery Mode Continuous Learning
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