WSL 001 Performance Based Logistics
Examines problem-solving and statistical methodologies, and provides students with techniques to improve work processes and achieve quality improvement goals.
  • Roles and responsibilities as members of an Integrated Product Team (IPT) responsible for developing a life cycle sustainment strategy;
  • Applying the relationship between logistics functions and processes;
  • Understand the knowledge areas as members of a life cycle logistics development team
  • Understand the specific relation and application of the functional areas in a performance-based logistics framework;
  • Applying the concepts, policies, and practices of Performance Based Logistics (PBL).
  • Basic concepts of business case analysis and its application in assessing and determining potential performance-based support alternatives.
  • Understand the role and integration of PBL in the logistics transformation environment;
  • Applying knowledge in the context of a performance-based support strategy.
  • Target Attendees
    This training is for teams or individual members of organizations that are involved in or will support the planning of a weapon system life cycle sustainment strategy.
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
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    Course Length
    2.5 class days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode  Workshop
    Equivalent Courses  None
    ACE Recommended Credits  N/A
    PDS Code  N/A
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    Continuous Learning Points 18 
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